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The festive season is finally here, the year has gone by so quickly. The festive season is all about good cheer, making merry, spending time with family and friends. All this while you try making it to the countless Christmas parties you were crazy enough to rsvp to. Looking good is part of the holiday package. Looking festive is part of the theme.

MAC cosmetics are known to carry a popular yet amazing range of makeup. Their theme is: “All ages, all races, all genders”. Many brands be it fashion or beauty, always tend to have a holiday collection. MAC came up with a Christmas collection  titled “MAC snowball”.

MAC Cosmetics Snowball
Credit: Mac Cosmetics / Instagram

MAC Snowball

The reviews are in and the verdict is out. So far so good. It has been positive feedback from numerous beauty experts on social media as well as girls and boys that love all things make up. The Snowball collection is an assortment of lipsticks, shimmers, glitter kits and eye shadows. All these come in a beautiful metallic bag covered in sequins.

The collection is inspired by the holiday and it is a reflection of snow, snowflakes, bright lights and soft yet bold palettes. The main colors being rose gold, white, silver and a bit of rose red.  Forget lighting up a tree this Christmas, just head over to the MAC store and light your whole face up.

Now, it’s easy to think that the metallic shades would only suit a Caucasian skin tone, but this collection has a wide variety of shades.  The pigment and glitter kits come in copper and pink which look amazing on dark skin and the luminous lipsticks come in a wide range to help your selection. The collection includes a set of gold brushes as well.

MAC Cosmetics Snowball
Credit: Mac Cosmetics / Instagram

Seeing is believing, so once I saw a review on YouTube by South African beauty vlogger, ( Mihlalii Ndamase), I was sold. There are countless videos on reviews that you should feel free to check out. Watching these videos can help give you inspiration on how to play around with the collection or better yet, what will work for you from the collection.

Shop for MAC Snowball Collection

We have MAC stores locally so you can go in and see if they have what you need from the collection. If not, then it is always a safe bet to go directly on the website to make your purchase. Shop now while stocks last because the collection could be a onetime thing. Don’t miss out and may your glow be brighter than every Christmas tree you come across.

  • Georgina Giathi

    So informative, sadly, I did not know of this collection over the festive season but who says one cannot shimmer their way through the new year with this outstanding collection?

    • Shimmer your way through the new year…even during Easter if you want!

  • Nadiah Naturale

    I also saw mihlalii review.. It was great but its unfortunate i dont wear that much make up.
    but who knows 2018 might be that wake up call for me😁
    Mac never dissapoints

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