Beauty Products | Save Or Splurge? Lysa Magazine

Beauty Products | Save Or Splurge?

When it comes to how much money you spend on beauty products, the one question at the back of our minds is ‘Is it really worth it?’ Adding to the conflict on the decision is the memory of a disappointing splurge or an awesome save. This proves that expensive doesn’t necessarily equal good quality. When you do splurge, make sure the beauty products are priced based on their quality. With that in consideration, what beauty products should you actually splurge on and what should you save on?

Eyeliner vs. Eye Shadow

Beauty Products | Save Or Splurge? Lysa Magazine
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While all eyeliners appear to be made equal, evidence shows they are not. Better quality liners, that are often a lot pricier, tend to roll onto your lash line. This is in comparison to the ‘scratchy’ feeling one with harsher ingredients. The ease with which the eyeliner comes off is also indicative of its quality. The better quality eyeliner coming off easily vs. the eyeliner that requires several washes, you know which one to pick. The latter can cause over sensitivity as well as eye infections. So when it comes to liner, have no guilt when splurging.

Beauty Products | Save Or Splurge? Lysa Magazine
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Cheaper eye shadow seems innocent enough. Although the chances of getting eye infections from their use are lower in comparison to eyeliner, it does happen. Another reason to spend on eye shadow is the pigment. Better quality eye shadows tend to have very rich pigments. The ingredients required for a richer pigment tend to cost more, which is reflected in the price. So when it comes to eye shadow, you can get away with splurging once again.

Nail Polish vs. Perfume

Beauty Products | Save Or Splurge? Lysa Magazine
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Lucky for us, there are brands such as OPI that offer good quality polishes, in a wide variety of shades and at consumer friendly prices. Considering that nail polish lovers are ever keen on expanding their collection, it is smart and safe to save on nail polish. Browse through Miniso for some affordable nail polish!

Beauty Products | Save Or Splurge? Lysa Magazine
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In the case of perfume, prices can get very steep, but you would rather pick body splash over a cheaper perfume. Cheap perfumes tend to have a piercing scent that can be very irritating. The scent also dies out pretty fast and requires you to pile it on. Better quality perfumes do use ingredients that are harder to source, hence the difference in price. In addition, they last longer and a little tends to go a long way which indirectly leads to saving. In this case, splurge away. Find out how to make your perfume last all day by clicking here.

Mascara vs. Makeup Brushes

Beauty Products | Save Or Splurge? Lysa Magazine
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Most would guess that you should splurge on mascara, but it is actually the opposite. Drugstore mascara brands are very good quality and are often ophthalmologist approved. Another factor to consider is that it is recommended to toss your mascara once every three months. With that in mind, it would be wasteful to purchase expensive mascara, therefore on this one, save!

Beauty Products | Save Or Splurge? Lysa Magazine
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Makeup brushes can be made from either synthetic or organic materials. Good quality brush bristles are sourced from animals, often squirrels and sables. These brushes are much softer than the synthetic ones and shed less. Low quality synthetic brushes will not only give you a bad makeup application but will often cause a scratchy feeling when applying makeup. They can also cause micro tears in your skin. In this case, splurge.

Lipstick vs. Lip Gloss

Beauty Products | Save Or Splurge? Lysa Magazine
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These two actually have the same recommendation; save. Drugstore lipsticks are often a favorite as they have moisturizing qualities. Drugstore brands also tend to have a huge variety of shades as well vs. more expensive brands that tend to focus on specific shades. But for that signature shade, it’s okay to splurge.

Foundation vs. Concealer

Beauty Products | Save Or Splurge? Lysa Magazine
Credit: Red Alice Rao

These two also have the same recommendation. When it comes to beauty products that are going on your face, you definitely want to go for good quality. The list of things to consider include: the finish, the coverage, the texture and of course the shade. Aside from ingredients, the technology used to formulate the product determines the quality, which explains why the better quality ones cost more. When it comes to foundation and concealer you can definitely splurge.

Cleanser vs. Moisturizer

There is rarely a correlation between the price of a moisturizer/cleanser and its quality. Some of the best are actually stocked in drugstores. Therefore your choice should be influenced on your skin type and your requirements. Many celebrities swear by drugstore products, such as Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes who credits Cetaphil’s cleanser for her flawless skin.

Beauty Products | Save Or Splurge? Lysa Magazine
Credit: Fishpond
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