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A Matte Lipstick That Doesn’t Dry Your Lips Out? Sign Us Up!

We all love a classic matte lipstick. The thought of being able to eat and drink without worrying about touching up with an extra coat of lipstick, or worrying about smudging is probably what got us hooked to this particular formula in the first place. However, I doubt there is a single soul out here that likes how drying and uncomfortable some of these lipsticks can be. Constantly wearing matte lipsticks can actually leave your lips parched and cracked.

If you have every wished to come across the perfect matte lipstick, that is actually comfortable to wear, but still has the same great matte finish, then your prayers have just been answered.

MAC will soon be releasing the ‘Powder Kiss’ Lipstick; Word on the street is that it’s as comfortable as a lip balm.

Ahead of the concluded London Fashion Week, MAC Cosmetics took to Instagram to announce the launch of their brand new lipstick. Designed to give a soft-focus finish on the lips; the new Powder Kiss Lipstick formula promises to deliver a moisture-matte, weightless feeling. The powder pigments suspended in the formula help to create a diffused, blurry color for beautifully ‘undone’ lips. Thus, creating that perfectly imperfect finished look. The lipstick consists of a variety of shades ranging from corals to hot pinks, burgundy and reds as well as brown and nude shades to suite everyone’s taste.

MAC Is Launching A New Lipstick Formula | Powder Kiss - Lysa Magazine
Credit: Keri Blair-Instagram

The powder kiss lipstick has already been taken on a test drive by MAC Makeup Artists

They had been using them backstage at New York Fashion Week. MAC senior Artist, Fatima T, described powder kiss as “a comfy lip balm, with a silk-like feel.” She also went ahead to describe the formula as “the forefront of beauty and technology”. A very bold claim which makes me more curious to try it out. A matte lipstick that doesn’t dry your lips out? Sign me up!

If you are wondering when you can get your hands on the range, the powder kiss lipsticks will officially launch in October both online and in-store. They will be available in 16 different shades and will retail at $18.


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