How To Clean False Lashes Lysa Magazine

How To Clean False Lashes

When it comes to makeup today, people are more into it and have individualized it such that we have developed our own makeup routines. These routines can range from a full blown makeup transformation to a simple no-makeup makeup look. Whatever the case is, false lashes make an amazing difference. Yes, even though you’ve been blessed with naturally thick lashes, falsies can take your look from 0 to 100.

False lashes have flooded the market; you will find them in beauty stores, on Instagram, pharmacies and even on the streets. They give your natural lashes an extra boost in terms of thickness/volume, length and definition of your lash line. Depending on the type of false eyelashes that you have, you can rock a subtle soft look or you can turn up the heat and bat your eyelashes giving a maximum intensity dramatic look. Once you have on your falsies, apply mascara on your actual lashes and you’re good to go.

As you enjoy the effect false eyelashes have, another fantastic thing about them other than enhancing your beauty is that you can wear them more than once. Isn’t that great? You don’t have to constantly spend money to get a new pair, especially if you’re an addict (that gets really expensive), when you can wear a pair 20-30 times. It definitely does boil down to the type and brand of lashes that you have. However with great care and knowledge on how to clean them, you can reuse your false eyelashes and they’ll look as fresh and new as they did when you first bought them.

Tips and tricks from beauty experts

How To Clean False Lashes Lysa Magazine
Suad & Rula

Makeup artists, Suad and Rula, are the lovely ladies behind Bambifacebx. On February 1st, these two sweethearts launched their makeup line known as Bambi Wear. The first product from their makeup line are 100% mink false lashes.

How To Clean False Lashes Lysa Magazine
Bambiface Lashes

Wrapped up in a clean, white and pink, glittery box are the special falsies that you can wear for a total of 30 times. There are 3 different types;

  • Suad is simple.

How To Clean False Lashes Lysa Magazine

  • Rula is occasional.

How To Clean False Lashes Lysa Magazine

  • Bambi Girl is dramatic.

How To Clean False Lashes Lysa Magazine

How to clean false lashes with coconut oil

You don’t have to clean them after every use, after at least 5 times you can do so. This will depend on your makeup do and the dirt you can see that they have acquired.

Wash your hands and carefully remove your false eyelashes. Take your time as you do this, you don’t want to damage your natural eyelashes and your false eyelashes. Now, to get rid of the lash glue, clumps of mascara and the sparkle of eye-shadow stuck on your falsies;

Step 1. Using a pair of tweezers, gently peel off the lash glue. Make sure you hold the lashes firmly by the base as you do this.

Step 2. Place the lashes on a paper towel.

Step 3. Taking a cotton bud, dip it into coconut oil and rub it over your lashes. Coconut oil loosens up all the mascara and dirt. You will notice your cotton bud getting dirty and you can swap it for another. Continue the process until your cotton bud shows you that your lashes are clean.

Step 4. Using a fresh paper towel, blot the lashes to soak up excess oil.

Step 5. Rinse with water and let them air dry.


Store the false eyelashes back in their glittery box which keeps them clean from dust and grime and safe from any tampering. Its original package also helps to maintain shape.

Media courtesy of Bambifacebx

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