Define Yourself

Brace yourself! Hold onto something; grab onto someone, for you just found a new best friend. One who is non-apologetic,
bold with a bit of sass, fast paced and is determined to push boundaries of creativity, boldness and edge on modern fashion
and lifestyle that you can identify with. How? Through cutting edge editorial and user generated content.

Queue in Lysa.

Lysa is a platform that discovers new frontiers and potential with an aim of creating an impact and influence.
Oh yes! There are remarkable creatives with great talent and unique abilities who are bringing something fresh, noteworthy and exciting to the table. First stop – LYSA. Imagine that? Brilliant minds in one space.

We welcome all personalities.

What we have in here is for you, our readers and contributors. Have fun with it; crazy or simple, loud or subtle, colorful or neutral and
let it be a positive influence to you.

This platform is an authentic space for inspiration, a point of growth, a source of information about what’s hot and what’s not.
Don’t walk away from here not feeling fulfilled or excited. If we are not meeting you at your point of need, you can curate for us or let us know.

We are grateful for our fantastic team for continuing to bring their A-game forward for an exciting publication.

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to… Define Yourself.