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5 Unique And Easy Ways To Style Natural Hair

Switching up your hairstyle is one of the quickest ways to give yourself a makeup over. It’s amazing how a hairstyle can make you look like an entirely different person not forgetting the confidence boost it gives. Natural hair sisters often feel like they don’t have many styling options when it comes to their hair and often just result in leaving it in an Afro. Below are some easy and unique styling options for the Naturalistas.


Style natural hair
Credit: The Guardian

Contrary to Marc Jacobs’ belief, this hairstyle originated from Africa, before he dubbed them ‘mini buns’. Africans had been rocking this hairstyle for centuries, mostly in Western Africa. Bantu knots are a fave because they not only look good, but they are also a fantastic protective style. They can not only be worn as knots, but can be tucked in overnight to create beautiful, bouncy curls without using heat. For tighter curls, make smaller knots and for larger curls, make larger knots. For fuller knots or if you intend to keep them in longer, add hair braids into the knots. This look was popularized by Rihanna after she wore braided Bantu knots at the iHeart radio awards in 2014.


style natural hair
Credit: Curly Nikki

Most naturalistas wear this hairstyle to bed to preserve their hair, but it also makes a flattering daytime hairstyle. A pineapple basically involves loosely pilling all your hair towards the top of your head (in the same position you would place a top bun). An elastic then holds the hair in place, but not as firmly as you would with a bun. Pineapples look even better when you wrap a scarf around the head, under the pineapple and make a knot at the front.


style natural hair
Credit: Her given hair

Consider the puff the pineapple’s “neater cousin”, while a pineapple is more of a casual hairstyle, A puff is way more presentable, you can choose to place yours either on the middle of the head or at the top. A puff is created more or less the same way as a pineapple, but with the back, sides and the front of the hair being neatly brushed. Be sure to wet your hair lightly and add a leave- in conditioner before brushing the hair. A boar bristle brush is the best for getting a sleek look. Thereafter, wrap a scarf around the brushed hair and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. Be sure to lay your edges as well.


style natural hair
Credit: Black Womens’ Natural

Dutch braids are a gorgeous and edgy way to wear your natural hair. They too are an excellent protective hairstyle when looking to give your hair a break. Dutch braids can as well be done with hair braids to create larger and longer braids that last. They are quite similar to cornrows.


style natural hair
Credit: Tola Revamps

People often aren’t quite sure what to do with their natural hair when heading to a glamorous event. A crown braid is one of the most elegant ways to wear natural hair. This look is achieved by parting the hair into two with a side part, creating two Dutch braids and pinning the ends of either braid underneath the other. This hair style is perfect for events such as weddings and is a great way to show off your accessories.


  • Jeniffer Anyango

    The puff has always worked for me.I love the Bantu knots but I don’t know how to perfectly do them…neat natural hair boost my confidence…team natural all the way..

    • Here’s a video on how to do neat Bantu Knots
      Hope it helps!

      • Jeniffer Anyango

        Thanks, will check it out

        • Evelyn Waitherero

          Hi Jeniffer, best of luck with the bantu knots. I think they are so easy to do and a great way to add curls to your hair without heat.

      • Jeniffer Anyango

        It was very helpful… The natural curls after you undo them makes me love my hair more…

  • Nadiah Naturale

    I always go for the puff.. It is easy and convinient as it can be done within 3 minutes.
    Looking to try out the other styles too😊

    • Quick and easy hairstyles! Enjoy trying out the other ones

    • Evelyn Waitherero

      Hi Nadiah, enjoy trying out the other syles and experimenting with your hair a bit more

  • Georgina Giathi

    The dutch braids that I would identify as ‘twist outs’ are a go for me considering it can serve for a number of days without having to fix it, comparing it to the puff.

    • The dutch braids do last longer. You can even accessorize them!

  • Eila Dencie Oketch

    The styles are simple and unique in their own way…I love the Bantu knots…it’s easy for me to do it myself

    • Glad you love the styles and you are able to do them!

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  • Paula Josphat

    Just began my natural hair journey,am chasing length .THIS is timely.

  • Mukyenga N Mugabi

    Avid lover of the puff and Dutch braids

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