5 minute workout

Simple 5 Minute Workout

Fitness is an essential part of our daily routine. With the new fad of everything green, it has become much easier to maintain some semblance of good health when it comes to our daily routines. Be it by swapping coffee for matcha, making acai a key smoothie ingredient, or never missing a maca fix. Going clean is all that more adventurous to say the least. One thing I swear by is the power of a good at-home workout. When you work crazy full-day hours, maintaining a fitness workout routine can be the last thing on your mind.

Queue in at-home workouts, and the ever glorious YouTube! With fitness routines scattered all throughout the web, finding a good, short and simple fitness routine is that much easier. Not only do you not have to spend gym fees, but you also get to sweat it out in the comfort of your home.

Here is a simple 5 minute workout, repeat as much as you like!

Fitness routine courtesy of John Paul,  of Salmer Fitness Center. 

  • Jenifer

    Thanks alot for the video… The workout will be part of my daily routine #keepingfit

    • Lysa

      That’s amazing.Let’s stay fit!

  • Faith

    I mean most people can spare 5mins without much hustle. And you get to be fit it’s totally workable.

    • Lysa

      Exactly, you don’t need an hour to squeeze in a workout. Small simple steps consistently go a long way!

  • Felly Munyiva

    This is helpful especially considering how most people have busy schedules.❤🌼

    • It’s amazing how what you can do in just 5 minutes consistently can change your life!

  • Lysa


  • Georgina Giathi

    This is very practical and time sensitive.

  • wangari wairenge

    Iv recently started working out at home and to be honest it’s not easy but I forced my mom to join me and it’s now growing in us and our bond is becoming stronger..

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