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5 Best Travel Tips

Ever felt the excitement that comes with knowing you’re about to travel? We all get that incredible giddy feeling in our stomachs just knowing that we’ll be out on an adventure soon. Well, this excitement causes most of us to forget a few things here and there (seeing that in some cases forgetfulness comes with extreme excitement, or you’re just a last minute person).

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or flying for the first time, here’s a checklist to ensure you have the basics covered.

Travel Checklist

Always make sure you have your travel documents with you. This is something you double check before you leave the house. A few of these documents are; your passport, flight ticket, yellow fever card if necessary, Identification Card and obviously a pen. For some countries, just because you have a visa does not necessarily guarantee you access to that country. Therefore, if they say you should carry travel bookings such as hotel etc., make sure you have them packed somewhere close.

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Most people find sneakers most comfortable and efficient. A good pair of trainers will help especially if you need to walk to terminals far off or if you get caught up at Duty Free and lose track of your boarding time and you have to run to your terminal or else you’ll miss your plane. Some people’s feet also tend to swell due to change in air pressure so be comfortable but comfort doesn’t mean look shady and let go.

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Depending on how long your flight is or transits, your daily regimen is a must pack. Some basics are; (don’t necessarily rely on those provided by the airline) – deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, disinfectant, body lotion, lip balm, perfume and ladies, don’t forget your cleansers, toners and moisturizers. It is important to keep your skin hydrated.

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Extra set of clothes
Anything can happen when you travel – your suitcase can get lost or is sent to another country, someone or most probably yourself can spill a fluid or food onto your clothes. Moreover, you probably have an unfortunate case of wrong digestion. In your hand luggage, pack an extra set of clothes that you can change to. When anything unexpected ruins the ones you already have on you can sort it out.

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Entertainment gadgets
Long flights or long transits in between travel can get very boring. Yes you’ve watched a movie on board, strolled through the airport; shopped a little bit and had something to eat, and you still have time or you’re not interested in doing all that. What do you do? Listen to some music, work on your laptop, scroll through social media on your phone or scribble ideas on your tablet or old school plain paper. These are good time distractions. Oh, don’t forget to carry earphones and a charger for your electronics.

Entertainment gadget
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  • andrew kamau

    The moisturizing part😅😅😅always forgetting that
    Seems small but very important
    very good article

    • Lysa

      Thank you…it’s the little necessary things we tend to forget. Next time you travel, run through this article as a check list

  • Jeniffer

    This is very helpful and comes at the best time since I am planning to travel in a couple of weeks.Thank you for the check list

    • Lysa

      You are most welcome, looks like it came in just in time. Safe travels and have a lot of fun!

  • Jojo Mpendwa

    The list is important. . I noticed that when I write them down, I never forget

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